10 Best Health & Fitness Podcasts for Women

Want to level up your fitness and nutrition on or asking yourself what should I listen to when I’m working out? I gotchu.

Below are 10 of the top health and fitness podcasts for women, including many people who I appreciate and admire. These women are doing incredible work to share practical, evidence based strategies to help women get stronger and feel better in their bodies.

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What makes these the best fitness podcasts for women?

I curated this list to include podcasts that share practical and evidence based strategies to help women improve their health, change their fitness and nutrition mindset, and reach their fitness goals.

Fitness is personal and we each have different goals, so I’ve listed podcasts with experts in a variety of topics covering how to increase your fitness motivation, get stronger if you’re over 40, prevent injury if you’re a woman who strength trains, and improve your health or lose weight through nutrition based habits.

Should you listen to podcasts while working out?

If you enjoy learning about how to improve your fitness and nutrition, then yes! You can absolutely listen to podcasts while working out. It’s great to be able to take in new ideas and gain inspiration while also improving your fitness.

Top 10 health and fitness podcasts for women to follow in 2022

Friendly FYI, these are in no particular order. Some these podcasts are hosted by colleagues of mine, who are doing great work and share my values around helping women in the nutrition and fitness space. 

Podcast for Athletic Women Over 40 | Fuel Your Strength

Host: Steph Gaudreau

Steph is an authority on strength training and nutrition for active women over 40. Her podcast includes solo episodes and expert interviews on best practices for getting stronger, building muscle, fueling better, and improving performance in your 40’s and beyond.

Strength Training for Female Athletes Podcast | Strength in the Details

Host: Dr. A’Naja Newsome

A’Naja specializes in and researches how psychology determines our outcomes in exercise performance. On her podcast, she chats with elite athletes, strength coaches, and psychologists to give women science backed information on how to improve their mindset around exercise, get stronger, and perform better.

Fitness Podcast for Menopause | With All Due Respect

Host: Amanda Thebe

Amanda is the author of the best selling book Menopocalypse: How I Learned To Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too! Her podcast takes a no bullshit approach on how to navigate exercise and nutrition during menopause, while debunking harmful fitness myths.

Women’s Strength & Endurance Training Podcast | The Messy Middle

Host: Dr. Alyssa Olenick

Alyssa holds a PhD in Exercise Science and is an expert on how to balance cardiovascular exercise with strength training. Her podcast takes a practical, science based approach to understanding how women’s bodies work, so we can thrive. It covers topics including how our menstrual cycle affects our training, metabolism, fitness mindset, and more.

Fitness and Nutrition for Women Podcast | Results Not Typical

Host: Nikki Naab-Levy

Yes, this one is hosted me. 😉 I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and I’m a strength and nutrition coach. I created Results Not Typical to help women cut through the noise of nonsense fitness and nutrition advice to figure out not just works, but what will work for them. My podcast covers strength training for beginners, fitness for hypermobility, injury prevention, and nutrition for better body composition and health.

Women’s Fitness and Motivation Podcast | Fitness Flipped

Host: Tunde Oyeneyin

This podcast is produced by Peloton and hosted by Peloton instructor, athlete, and author Tunde Ovenevin. Each week, she chats with experts in the wellness and entertainment space to unpack ideas around fitness, wellness, and mental health.

Women’s Self-Help and Mindset for Women Podcast | The Work of Becoming

Host: Dr. Karin Nordin

Karin Nordin, PhD is a behavior and mindset researcher. Her podcast features 5 minute episodes that give you bite sized, actionable advice on how to improve yourself and your health from a place of kindness and become the person you want to be.

Nutrition and Body Image Podcast | The Movement Diaries

Host: Jordana Edelstein

Jordana Edelstein is a nutrition coach who helps women improve their body image and relationship to food. On her podcast, she shares ways to improve your body image and find ease with eating. She also interviews experts on nutrition, self-acceptance, and women’s health.

Wellness for Black Women Podcast | Balanced Black Girl

Host: Les Alfred

In this podcast, Les Alfred interviews Black women wellness experts about the best ways to improve your health, fitness, mental well being, and more.

Self-Improvement for Women | Grace & Grit Podcast

Host: Courtney Townley

In this podcast, health coach Courtney Townley shares actionable advice to help women in midlife improve their fitness and live happier healthier lives. She also interviews experts in women’s health, mindset, nutrition, and habit change.

Want to to take the next step beyond podcasts to level up your own

Looking for a personalized approach to strength and nutrition?

I’d love to help you find a path to fitness and nutrition that meets you where you’re at and gets you to where you want to be, faster through personalized nutrition coaching and custom strength training programs for women. I also have a YouTube Channel and blog with free nutrition and fitness resources for women.