10 fitness myths dispelled by Debbie Downer & Grumpy Cat

In last week’s post, I asked how can we constructively address misinformation in the fitness industry? Staying true to my personal challenge, I spent the week doing my best to correct fitness myths and misconceptions.

Turns out that regardless of how “right” or kind you are in your phrasing, most people think it’s sort of a bummer when you burst their bubble and let them know their favorite workout DVD can’t melt their muffin top.

And I can’t argue. I also wish a diet of Christmas cookies and beer combined with some 8 minute hovers would tone my abs and trim my thighs. However, this isn’t going to happen.

I don’t like delivering bad news and I’ve concluded that internet memes are a far more entertaining way to present unsexy, but true information.

Doing hot yoga certainly feels harder than doing yoga in a normal temperature room. However, despite the increased perception of work, studies have found this doesn’t translate to additional metabolic benefits. 

I’m pretty sure we all know this one, but if you want to pretend otherwise, you have my permission, because wine is one of the best parts of being an adult. Plus, it is made from grapes.

Sadly, knowing this doesn’t stop me from trying on a shirt that looked great on the model and weird on someone who actually has cleavage.

Debbie also feels your pain. However, it’s backed by science.

This one I’m actually not so sad about, because food is delicious and juice is well…juice, not magic. If you enjoy it, drink it, but don’t expect some miraculous changes to occur. If you don’t believe me, here’s some expert opinions.



While we can’t have Beyonce’s booty (sorry, genetics), we can borrow her dance moves, rock out to her tunes and adopt her badass confidence! 😉


There’s this thing called recovery. It’s when your body makes the most gains. There’s also a bunch of science demonstrating that the nervous system likes a variety of movements.

Don’t fret about days off though. You can still take long walks or do some gentle cross training or stability work.



Help your posture? Make you stronger? Potentially reduce neck and shoulder pain? Sure, but remember that fun lil fact about how spot reduction is about as real as unicorns.

I know sensation tells us that something is happening, but turns out soreness doesn’t equate with results. Mostly, it just lets us know we’re using our large muscle groups for a sustained contraction.

Hopefully, you’re not too bummed out after reading that. Just in case you are, here’s some cuteness overload to make you feel better #kittensandicecream

Movement is awesome. Bodies are awesome. Exercise and life don’t always have to be about making the most perfect, healthy choices. Do things that make you happy and leave you feeling fulfilled.

Just remember to sometimes do the other functional things too. Pair some kale with your wine and do some rotator cuff exercises with your P-2000-XXX-Insanity-HIIT protocols.

You’ll be okay.

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