Fitness Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

Love it or hate it, for most of us the holiday season represents some sort of disruption in routine and for many of us it creates a scenario where wellness can get tricky.

No shame if that’s you. I get it. I may teach fitness for a living, but I love fun foods (and adult beverages) as much as the next person.

So with that, here are a few simple wellness tips that you can take into the holiday season to continue taking care of yourself while hopefully enjoying time with your favorite people and the celebrations that go with this time of year.

1. Drink your water.

Seriously, I know this is a basic bitch as it gets, but staying hydrated is pretty much the easiest thing you can do to level up your wellness game.

Why? A few reasons. First, if you tend to drink more during the holiday season, staying hydrated can help stave off the dreaded hangover. Beyond that, being hydrated also means healthier lubricated joints, better digestion, and improved hunger regulation. In short, it’s good for you, so make a point of sipping it throughout the day, particularly if you are traveling when you’re more likely not to drink enough!

2. Try to move every day.

You don’t need to go nuts on the workouts, but a little movement goes a long way. Take frequent stretch breaks. Try to get up and walk around if you sit a lot. Maybe try following a workout video online. All of these things add up to better health and will make it easier to get back into a routine once the holidays are over if you find fitness falling by the wayside.

Not sure of where to start? I created a 7 day holiday workout program for you that you can do anywhere. All you need is a bath towel.

3. Put your needs first.

I love that the holidays give me a chance to connect with people, but truthfully, as an introvert all of the parties and social time tends to leave me feeling like a drained battery. If you’re anything like me, then account for the downtime that you are going to need between social outings.

Make time to read, relax, and be alone. Or if you know you tend to get lonely during the holidays, plan dates with friends. And in the time of social distancing, this may be the phone or ZOOM, but that’s okay! Consider what you need and then make a point of having your needs be met, because your wellbeing matters.

As a final note, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed and they’re only a few weeks, so don’t stress out if you find yourself not taking fitness as seriously. Your workouts will be waiting for you when you get back. Just try to sneak in some movement when you get a moment and remember to eat your veggies and drink your water.

Happy Holidays! You’ve got this. 😉