Expert advice about fitness, injury prevention and self-care

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Some of my favorite topics to discuss include:

  • Fitness, corrective exercise and active recovery
  • Movement strategies to improve mobility and decrease pain
  • Science + benefits of massage and manual therapy
  • Ergonomics – how we can modify our environment to improve posture and alignment
  • How Pilates and stability training can help us move better

The Official Bio

Nikki Naab-Levy is a Pilates teacher, Balanced Body Bodhi Master Trainer and massage therapist who’s helped thousands of people who struggle with injury get fit with less pain by teaching them how to move better and work smarter.

Her fitness wisdom has been featured in the Seattle Times, MindBodyGreen, the Weck Method, and Men’s Fitness.

When she’s not teaching a sneaky hard Pilates class, you can find her hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her husband K.C., nerding out on podcasts, and chain-drinking cups of coffee.

Check out her blog for inspiration and info on all things intelligent movement at (Your body will thank you.)

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