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There’s a lot of problems with the fitness industry, but “out of shape” fitness professionals aren’t one of them. This thought has echoed in my mind for years, but I’ve struggled to find the words to

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Bahahahahaha. This made us laugh really, really hard. :) But there's also a lesson here (isn't there always?) Life and fitness and our personal fitness journeys are all about tradeoffs. Yes, it's 10000% possible to have abs and still eat stuffed-crust pizza at times, but it also important to recognize that every day we are making choices with our nutrition and our training, and we are trying to strike that balance of enjoying our lifestyle as well. For some people, "enjoyment" is having a glass (or three) of wine and a couple of slices of pizza on the weekend. For others, it's prepping their food, sticking to their macros, and killing their workouts. And for some people, it's an in-the-middle-ebb-and-flow of those two things. The best part is that YOU get to decide what's right for yourself, and it's frankly no one else's business what you choose. :) Share YOUR favorite gif or meme about food!!

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