Bikini body marketing is cancelled

We’ve entered the time of “bikini season” fitness marketing, which means we’re going to see a lot about bikini body workouts, juice cleanses, miracle creams and supplements. #stabmeinthehead

Does this stuff make you feel weird and insecure? Me too. Here’s 3 tactics I use to avoid the bikini season trap and all the garbage fitness messaging that inundates us.

1. Filter who you follow on social media

I’ve tested this. I’ve spent weeks following traditional fitness accounts and it made me feel like crap. Then I unfollowed them and followed a bunch of people who focused on strength and being empowered and suddenly I wanted to share and experience more of it.

That shit filters into your subconscious, so use that unfollow button with a vengeance.

2. Don’t create your workout plans around a bathing suit. 

It’s cool if physical transformation is part of your goal, but I’d suggest having some sort of target outside of this, so you can continue to cultivate a positive relationship with your body and exercise that doesn’t rely on what you look like.

What else would you like to accomplish? Pull-ups? Being able to workout without pain? Being stronger? Being more consistent? These types of goals will often help you FEEL better, unlike your ab definition, which stems more from specific and conscious changes in diet + genetics and doesn’t correlate well with exercise anyways.

3. Realize that you can reject the narrative that you have to have the a specific body type to wear a certain style of swimwear.

It’s 2021 and time that we ditch all these bullshit, patriarchal “rules” around what we’re allowed to wear and what our bodies are supposed to look like. Let’s cancel the “bikini body” marketing narrative, please.

Again, if you have an aesthetic goal, I get it, I’ve had them too, and I support you.

I don’t think all aesthetic goals are inherently bad OR anything to feel bad about, BUT I do think they’re problematic when they’re coming from a place of trying to please others or unrealistic beauty standards and I don’t believe in putting your life on hold until you’ve “lost enough weight” – whatever the hell that means. 

You have ever right to live and thrive in the body you have right now. You have a right to wear whatever the fuck you want in the body you have right now too.

Not once you’ve lost 10 lbs.

Not when you’ve kicked that “vice.”

Not when you’re “shredded.”

You don’t have to prove a damn thing to be worthy. You don’t have to change your body for the “season,” and you can care about your health and pursue health promoting behaviors without ever worrying about aesthetics or trying to look like someone else or chase an arbitrary standard.

Just in case no one told you.

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