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“I’m not taking care of myself right now.” We’ve all had that (uncomfortable) thought, but when you’re in it, it’s hard to break out of, because work…kids…pets…bills…there’s always something begging for your attention. I get it. After

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You need to hear this

There’s a lot of problems with the fitness industry, but “out of shape” fitness professionals aren’t one of them. This thought has echoed in my mind for years, but I’ve struggled to find the words to

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So often when we do ballet inspired work, we fixate on what’s happening with the lifted leg. However, the true working leg is the one that’s on the ground.

➡️ To effectively stand on one leg (and keep your hips level, which is important if you don’t want to compress your hips and low back), you need the support from your glute med and deep hip stabilizers.

✔️ One way to find these muscles and to create the foundation for standing balance work is hip listing, which I'm demoing in the video on the left.

➡️ This exercise teaches you how to stand on one leg with the pelvis level and since most of us collapse into our standing hip, it’s surprisingly hard.

✔️ Once you’ve found that level hip position you can challenge your strength by using the reformer for standing leg work as Informed Body is demoing.

☑️ Want more strategies for building hip and core strength the smart way? Check out my program Hips Don’t Lie, an at home program to troubleshoot hurty hips, build lower body strength and improve flexibility…Pssst…and yes this could help your clients too 😉 ❤️🐇
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