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I have 3 (now not so) secret shames in life: 1) I liked the Spice Girls enough that in 6th grade I begged my mother buy me orange platform shoes that were so hard to

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Do this stretch now

“I’m not taking care of myself right now.” We’ve all had that uncomfortable thought, but when you’re in it, it’s hard to break out of, because work…kids…pets…bills…EMAILS…there’s always something begging for your attention. I get it. After

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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a fellow Pilates teacher. She said, "I've been living outside my comfort zone and that is still scaring me...Did you have fear on this journey you've been on and if so, what do you do with it?"

Which got me thinking. I used to feel afraid of what I was about to try All. The. Time. These days? Less so. If anything, pushing beyond my comfort zone feels exciting.

So how did I get here, because let me tell you, I did NOT always feel this way.

1. I stopped trusting self doubt.

If you’re like me, your external environment, doesn’t always mirror your internal one. People say nice things and you don’t believe them.

However, one day I realized that all the people offering me positive feedback were all individuals with good judgement. I realized that if they were all telling me the same thing, maybe it wasn't ridiculous to accept their words as truth.

2. Accountability

Like most people, I struggle with staying on task for goals. Paying for accountability was huge, because while I'd bail on myself, I'd feel like a turd if I bailed on someone else. Also, I hate wasting money, so dang it! I was going to get what I paid for.

3. I learned falling wasn’t that bad.

Try new things + fail enough times without dying and you learn that you'll be fine. Even better, sometimes you’ll succeed.

I auditioned for the Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition for 4 years before I made it into the top 10. And I'm grateful it took me this long.

Even a year ago, I wasn't ready. I was unsure of my work and my voice. I was still uncomfortable on camera. Today? I’m ready to ROCK IT, regardless of the outcome (though if you wanna vote for me here, I'd super appreciate it! Yep, #shalemessplug)

But back to fear. It can be a hinderance or a tool.

For me, discomfort is now a sign that I'm on the right track. If I'm uncomfortable, I know I’m learning and striving for something better + awesome.

Fear is just a feeling. It can't hurt you.

And once you realize that the cliff you're so afraid of stepping off of is actually a puddle, jumping isn't so hard. In fact, it's kinda fun.

P.S. 🙏 to @themollygalbraith for the quote.
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