Are you a push-up poser?

Whether it’s Instagram celebrity pimping diet teas #celeryjuicecleanse or that dude you went to high school with bragging about his “baller” start-up, nobody likes a poser. Also, not cute? Poser push-ups – aka when you

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Are you foam rolling the right way?

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Have you caught the latest podcast yet? In this episode I chat with @drelliesomers about how to straddle the line between biomechanics and pain science and we get fired up 🔥🔥🔥

Heres what I love about this conversation. Ellie is passionate about taking the fear out of movement. She asks hard questions and she owns that navigating through all the information out there to best serve clients and patients is hard.

We cover when and why you might want to consider biomechanics, but why it’s not the be all end all and may have a lot more to do with performance than it does pain.

This conversation was as equally raw and honest as it was informative.

To listen, search “fitness and fishnets” wherever you get your podcasts, go to
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