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“I’m not taking care of myself right now.” We’ve all had that (uncomfortable) thought, but when you’re in it, it’s hard to break out of, because work…kids…pets…bills…there’s always something begging for your attention. I get it. After

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Shoutout to @amariewalker for inspiring this post via our conversation on how to master the teaser 😘

A lot of us (Pilates teachers included!) struggle with teasers.

While this could be due to "tight" or "short" hamstrings, if you're able to sit up comfortably with your legs out straight like I am in the beginning of the video, then you know tight hamstrings are NOT the limiting factor.


So...what can you do about this?

A few strategies to play with:

🔺Try your teaser holding 1 to 2 lb hand weights. The weights will make getting up feel easier, because they counterbalancing the weight of your legs.

🔺Place your legs on a box or a bench and practice lifting them at end range. You can place the hands behind you for support. This will make your hip flexors go bananas (in a really good way! And this is a great strength move even if you don't give a crap about doing a teaser)

🔺Place your legs on a box and teaser up from there. Then practice lowering one leg at a time to master control.

The take away? If you struggle with a move or it hurts, ask yourself why. Once you identify the limiting factors, work on those weak links and then reintegrate it into the harder exercise.

This will help progress you way faster than just practicing the same move and in the case of pain, will help you get stronger without feeling icky while you do it.

And on that note, I'm excited to announce that I'm offering a new service!

From chatting with many of you, it's clear that you're brilliant self-starters for your workouts...or if you're an instructor you do tons of research for your clients, have some questions that slow down your progress.

So with that in mind, I'm now offering remote workout audits + exercise or client troubleshoot consults.

What does this entail?

For one hour, we'll hop on Skype or Zoom and troubleshoot your issue.

- Can't figure out why push-ups feel icky on your wrists or why planks feel so hard? You give me a list of exercises in advance. When we meet, I'll look at your form and give you specific suggestions on how to address any limiting factors.

- Stumped on how to work with a client with an ouchy joint or physical challenge - or are you afraid of hurting them? You can pick my instructor brain (10+ years experience working with joint replacements...special populations...weird injuries... you name it!) and we'll talk through how you can help them using the equipment you have access to.

- Got a workout that you've been following, but feel like specific moves are tripping you up or it doesn't feel quite right for your fitness goals or the equipment you have? We'll work together to figure out how to customize the program to best for your needs + I'll offer alternative exercises if anything in the program feels like a total no go.

After we meet, I'll send you a summary email and if additional questions come up, you're welcome to email me for a clarification.

The normal price tag? $150 (or $200 for anyone who asks me about how to get a Chole Kardashian Revenge Bod)

Buuu-uuut because it's the month of love for the rest of month I'm offering a $50 discount, so if you book a session before March 1st, you'll pay $100 🎉🎉🎉

Ready to etch our names in the sand together?

Snag your spot here:
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