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December 2015, I decided it was time to put videos on YouTube. Given my goal (create digital products and help get better fitness information out into the world), this made sense. However, I had a

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Help me win my ugly cry

I have 3 (now not so) secret shames in life: 1) I liked the Spice Girls enough that in 6th grade I begged my mother buy me orange platform shoes that were so hard to

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One of my least favorite myths: “Women can’t do push-ups!”

Uh, no. Please don’t tell me that we can’t push our body weight up and down from the floor. It’s a skill like any other. With time and practice you can gain the ability without pain, injury, or any other negative side effects (unless you could muscles as a bad thing :-P )

While a full push-up might feel daunting, there’s a million ways to build the strength for one! Chest presses...TRX exercises...oh and Pilates! Here’s a few of my push-up variations in the chair 😍

Want to build the strength to rock push-ups and do other cool exercises (no fancy Pilates equipment needed!)

Hop on the waitlist for PUSH IT REAL GOOD and be in the know for when my book on troubleshooting wrist/shoulder/elbow/back pain during exercise and foundational strength training program drops #comingfeb2019

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