3 reasons why self-care is as important as your workout

When it comes to our quest for better health, we all know the value of diet and exercise. However, something that we overlook is the importance of self-care activities that aid our bodies in recovering from hard workouts and the stress of daily life.

We often don’t appreciate the benefits of self-care until we are already injured or in chronic pain, which can be avoided.

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The problem isn’t your body. It’s the messaging

I hope that this is common sense, but your body is not the enemy.

It’s not out to get you and it’s not trying to fail you. You may not always be happy with your body, but beating it into submission will not give you the results you want. With all of that being said, I’d like to know why the fitness industry is telling us just the opposite.

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A little inside peek of Injury Proof Your Yoga + Fitness Practice Online Workshop 😉

Want more strategies and exercises to address discomfort in popular yoga poses or fitness exercises for yourself and your clients?

Check out the flash sale Trina and I are running on this course. Cart closes tomorrow, so grab your copy before it’s gone 😘

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Trina Altman-Yoga and Pilates

They all require strength and control in the coronal plane (aka stepping or moving side to side). However, you rarely practice moving this way in daily life unless you happen to play tennis or are a speed skater.

This is why so many of us struggle with exercises that require weight bearing through one arm when we’re on our side (aka side plank!) or rotating to the side and balancing over one leg (aka half moon!). It’s also why these exercises can feel ouchy on you or your student’s wrists, shoulders, hips, and back. It’s not that they’re bad exercises. However, the body might not be prepared to do them...yet.

This video shows an excerpt from Injury Proof Your Yoga Practice, a 2 hour online workshop that I co-created with @naablevy where I’m breaking down an exercise called SHORT LEVER ROLLING HALF MOONS that you can practice to build strength + control in the coronal plane.

For ya’ll who love the technical speak, this exercise helps you connect to the spiral and lateral line of fascial movement and find the synergy of the internal + external obliques, transverse abdominus, quadratus lumborum, rectus abdominus, + diaphragm.

And if you read that and thought “I’m not sure what that means. I just want my shoulder and back to stop hurting when I take a yoga class or fitness class” all that jargon = more strength + less discomfort when you practice side planks...warriors...or anything else involving being on one arm and/or leg
And on that note, if you want more ways to get all the benefits of Pilates + yoga without the injuries, I’m excited to announce that my colleague Nikki Naab-Levy Pilates & Fitness and I are running a flash sale on our online workshop: Injury Proof Your Yoga + Fitness practice.

This workshop will address underlying reasons for pain and discomfort in popular yoga poses and traditional fitness exercises and will teach you how to apply critical thinking skills to your teaching or personal movement practice.

Cart closes THIS Sunday 4/21 at 11:59 pm, so click here to get all the details + grab the workshop before it’s gone.

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