5 essential BOSU ball exercises glute strength

Even if you don’t have a BOSU, you’ve probably seen people do BOSU ball exercises at your gym. It’s that wobbly half dome thing that people stand and kneel on to do exercises.

The BOSU, which is an acronym for Both Sides Up, has gotten some bad press, because it’s instability makes it harder to functionally lift heavy weights, which I agree with.

However, I actually love the thing for doing stability training, since it acts as the perfect prop to increase challenge, while making certain exercises more effective – particularly if you are trying to strengthen your glutes and hip stabilizers.

Now I know I’ve talked about glutes before, but here’s 3 reasons why it pays to target them:

1) It counteracts the effects of sitting by opening your hips, which means less back pain and better standing posture.

2) Strong glutes = more power, which means better performance and efficiency when running, squatting, lifting and just about any other action you can think of.

3) I don’t usually go into the extrinsic value of training, but working your booty will give you…cosmetic benefits…and bridges and leg lifts are waaa-aay cheaper than a butt lift 😉

…which brings me to this week’s video. It’s an 8 minute series of lower body exercises using the BOSU. I’ve highlighted 5 primary exercises near the bottom of the post, but I’d suggest watching the video for additional tips, variations and challenges.

Try this one before lifting or running (I like to do this before run walking) for a boost to your alignment and muscle timing or do it solo as a quickie workout!

BOSU ball exercises | Beginner Pilates legs workout

BOSU ball exercises | Beginner Pilates legs workout

5 essential BOSU ball exercises

Imprint and release (6 to 8 reps)

bosu ball exercises

*This one isn’t directly for the glutes, but warming up the spine this way helps integrate the glutes and core – making the other exercises more effective!

Bridging (8 to 10 reps)

bosu ball exercises

Ankle rocks (6 to 8 reps)

bosu ball exercises

Side legs (8 to 12 reps per leg

)bosu ball exercises

Prone hip extension (8 to 12 reps)

bosu ball exercises

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