I teach strength training, Pilates, foam rolling and Bodhi Suspension Training classes in Seattle and Redmond.

Ongoing Classes


Roll and Recover – Seattle

  • 5:00pm – 5:50pm
  • Denali Fitness, Interbay
    3257 16th Ave W Suite A
    Seattle WA 98119
  • Free for members, $13.50 – $15 for drop in


TBC – Seattle

  • 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm
  • Denali Fitness, Interbay
    3257 16th Ave W Suite A
    Seattle WA 98119
  • Free for members, $13.50 – $15 for drop in


Bodhi Suspension Training – Redmond

  • 5:00pm – 5:55pm
  • Soma Pilates
    16640 Cleveland St. Suite B.
    Redmond, WA 98052
  • $32 – $42 depending on package (class size limited to 6 participants)

Class descriptions

Roll and Recover

Reduce tension, ease joint pain, improve posture and increase flexibility with foam rolling and gentle stretching techniques. This class will leave you feeling relaxed (almost like you just had a massage) and ready for your next workout.

Bodhi Suspension Training

This class will improve balance, whole body strength and flexibility using the challenge of suspension training as the body is taken out of gravity.

Like the TRX, the Bodhi can be used to create a dynamic full body workout in all planes of motion. However, the exercises are based off of the Pilates principles of alignment and core stability, so in additional to building strength, you will leave this class feeling longer and taller.


I periodically teach foam rolling and Pilates workshops in Seattle and Tacoma. Sign up below to be notified of upcoming workshops.

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  • "As a life long exerciser, I've done hip programs before seeing little change in my abilities or comfort. Now that I've completed several modules of Hips Don't Lie, I can see why previous efforts were a waste of time. Here is what this program gets right: The program starts with some deviously easy-not-easy exercises to meet me where I am. No straining or cheating needed to feel successful. The program progresses. This is a biggie! Every few weeks, a new set of exercises kept me engaged, interested and challenged. I felt stronger and more capable as the weeks pass. Getting up and down from the ground starts to feel efffortless--important as I am remodeling our home and there is a lot of that. Instructions are clear, concise and strategic. I've done some of these exercises before with other trainers and had no idea I was not positioning my body in a way to engage the right muscles. Eye opening! The program's videos were easy for me to follow and complete at home and I appreciated having PDFs to quickly refer to at the gym. The instructor is a delight. I'd definitely hang with her. Bonus? My core strength improved too. Can't recommend highly enough."

    Colleen G.

  • "If you are serious about form and you want to do things correctly and see improvement, then this is the program for you. Her cues are perfect and I feel like I am finally doing certain exercises right for the first time. I have finally learned to do squats correctly even though I have worked with other trainers and researched how to do them extensively. Nikki has that rare ability to not only know the right way to do the exercises but also how to explain it in terms that make sense. I often find myself thinking, wow, so that is what this is supposed to feel like. After working through this program I feel like I am getting so much more out of my workouts. Hips are the root of so many problems and these routines will help get you back on the right track. Her modifications adjust this for every fitness level and are useful when recovering from an injury.  I am so glad that I found her programs and I am sure you will be too.  I was tired and frustrated and had been through so many different programs from face to face personal training, physical therapy, arrosti sessions, nunerius Drs, videos, books, classes, and boot camps and I feel like I have made more progress with her programs than any of the others."

    Suzie M.

  • "I found the program covered a nice dynamic between stretching and strengthening. My goal for taking this was to improve my hip strength with the time frame of the 8 weeks coinciding with a hiking trip I had planned. I am happy to say that my hips/lower back were able to sustain some very challenging climbs and surfaces during my hiking days. I also found that I could use some of the sequences at the end of my day to release/stretch my hips/lower back."

    Laura R.

  • "Nikki is an outstanding master of her craft!  She has extensive knowledge and a passion for fitness and health and it shows in her Hip Program. I have struggled with hip pain from osteoporosis and followed Nikki's Hip Program for 8 weeks.  The results have been incredible!  I now have increased mobility, strength, and best of all, I can move pain free!  Nikki's program is easy to follow; the exercises are progressive, there are photos and very clear, concise instructions on how to do them.  I continue to do many of the exercises as maintenance to keep good hip function and pain free movement. I am also a movement professional and would have no reservations recommending Nikki's Hip Program to clients who are looking for a thorough, online program at home to compliment the work that I do with them in the studio. Highest recommendation!!!"

    Deb T.

  • "You will learn a lot and you will get results."

    Jen B.

  • "I love how Nikki is able to explain complex terms in a way that are easy to understand, and how she focuses on long-term common sense solutions instead of a quick fix. Whether in her group classes or tips on social media, her advice is straightforward and easy to follow. I love that she's not a fitness guru - she just wants to help people feel their best and be their best, whatever that means to them."

    Allyson F.

  • Colleen G.
  • Suzie M.
  • Laura R.
  • Deb T.
  • Jen B
  • Allyson F