Do this stretch now

“I’m not taking care of myself right now.”

We’ve all had that (uncomfortable) thought, but when you’re in it, it’s hard to break out of, because work…kids…pets…bills…there’s always something begging for your attention.

I get it.

After a long (aka normal) day of 5 am alarms, ridiculous traffic, puppy accidents and #urgentdeadlines, I just want to succumb to the couch and fry my brain on Gossip Girl (don’t judge).

The last thing I want to do is move. Even if my back is achy and my hips are barking at me from too much sitting and not enough moving.

Of course, the irony is sometimes all you need is a quick stretch break to turn things around and feel better.

So, here’s my challenge to you. The next time that niggling thought enters your head or your hips or back start talking to you, hit pause, take a breath and do this stretch.

It only takes a minute and even if it doesn’t end world hunger (it’s pretty good, but not that good), it’s a simple step towards feeling better and taking care of yourself.

And who knows, mayDo This Stretch Now #naablevy #upperbackstretches #posture #lowbackstretches #shoulderstretch #pecstretch #shoulderflexibilitybe that brief pause will be enough to remind you that you do have time for an extra glass of water, a 10-minute walk or a few extra exercises.

There will always be a problem to solve, a crisis to manage, an email to answer….a Facebook post to check 😉 but your well-being matters, and while I’d argue that it should be a priority, taking care of yourself doesn’t need to be a life event.

You already have enough of those.

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