Anti-Racism & EDI


I believe in body autonomy and that we all have a right to define and experience fitness on our own terms without judgement. I also believe that the only way that fitness can be an inclusive and safe space is if we see ourselves represented in all of our diverse bodies, experiences, self-expressions, and perspectives.

For instance, I created a fitness equipment guide that includes recommendations that will work for people who are smaller and larger bodied because so much of the industry - including the equipment - has been created for a very narrow range of sizes. If I choose to commission merchandise, I will partner with more size inclusive clothing brands.

I am also committed to creating a safer and more inclusive space for people through collaboration, conversation, and education with teachers and movement educators of different races, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, educational backgrounds, and physical abilities, as well as working to improve representation and diversity in my marketing materials, graphics, and social media images.

Finally, my company is built on transparency, open communication, and accountability. If there is a way that you believe I can do better or can elevate more voices, I want to hear about it. For far too long, the fitness industry has given the mic to a small number of privileged voices. I want to be one of the individuals in this industry who changes this.

Below, I have included anti-racism resources that are specific to the Pilates and fitness space, as well as links to Black owned Pilates teaching training programs, apparel companies, and the social media accounts and websites of individuals who are working to improve representation, combat fat phobia, and make the fitness, yoga, Barre, and Pilates space safer for larger bodied, Black, Brown, and LGBTQ individuals.

BIPOC Offerings & Scholarships in Fitness & Wellness:

BIPOC Offerings, Scholarships & More In the Health & Wellness Industry Curated by Roxy Menzies

Resources for Anti-Racism and Inclusivity In the Pilates and Fitness Space:

Article: Race, Pilates, and Change by Roxy Menzies

Online Course: Foundations for Social Justice for Fitpros with Dr. Tee Williams

Podcast: You Get Stronger Every Time You Stand up with Dr. C. Shante Cofield and Dr. JPop

Podcast: Revolutionary You! Chrissy King: Anti-Racism For Wellness Professionals 

Podcast: Purposeful Strength LGBTQ Inclusivity in Fitness with Jaycee Cooper

Podcast: Decolonizing Fitness with Illya Parker

Article: I’m a black Pilates teacher. Here’s how the fitness industry can move toward anti-racism

Health and Wellness Podcasts:

Core Conversations with Martin Reid

Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

Two Girls Talking Shit with Chrissy King and Shirin Eskandani

Social Media Accounts and Websites for Making Fitness More Inclusive

Allison Skewes | Pilates for Larger Bodies 

Lindsey Strobel | Fat Body Pilates

Natalie | Body Positive Barre

Amber Karnes | Body Positive Yoga

Swan Dreams Project | Representation in Ballet

Vibing on the Mat | Health and wellness experiences for Black women and girls

Chrissy King | Writer, Speaker, Strength Coach

Black Owned Pilates Teacher Training Programs

Dragonfly Pilates

Pilates 804

LB Pilates Studios

Black Owned Fitness and Athleisure Wear:



Culture Fit

Pru Apparel

Dope Fit Chick

Black Owned Independent Fashion:

Gothic Lamb

Three of Swords

Adorned by Chi

Dark Jasmine

Sweet Bitz Apparel

Spookie Kidz