Embrace the ugly rep (plus naughty and nice workouts)

I know most of us wait until January to…

Get into amazing shape.

Swear off cheese and only drink organic wheatgrass shots for a month.

Basically do that thing we promised ourselves we’d do last year – however crazy amazing (or terrifying if you’re thinking about that wheatgrass cleanse?!) it may seem.


This time? I’m not waiting for January to start. I’m taking the momentum I’ve been building all year and carrying it into 2018.

And I’d love for you to join me.

I’ve been listening closely, all year long, and the #1 challenge you’ve shared with me is that you want to try that new workout/get back to running/take that trip with all those amazing hikes, but you’re worried about getting hurt or flaring up that old injury.

That’s why I’m declaring 2018 to be the Year of Embracing the Ugly Rep.

That’s right. I’m on a one-woman mission to help you let go of fear and perfectionism and just go for what you want already.

Do the pull-up. Run the marathon. Master the arm balance. Lift the heavy weight….or build the strength and stamina to make it through your day feeling more energized, and less stiff and sore (cause that sh*t matters.)

And preferably do it in a sane, progressive manner, that is…dare I say fun?

So often we don’t start things, because we’re afraid we’ll do it wrong, get hurt, and look silly – aka fail, which means we never make progress and we never get what we want, which…sucks.

As someone who has been there and is no longer subscribing to that mentality, I’m saying, “Forget that. Just start already.”

Yes, the first time you do something, it probably won’t be pretty. It’ll look weird, feel uncomfortable, and might be a little bit scary.

It’ll be an ugly rep.

Embrace the ugly rep (plus naughty and nice workouts) #pilatesworkout #abworkout #coreworkout #pilatesexercises #workouts #naablevyBut here’s the thing about that ugly rep. It ain’t gonna kill you. In fact, it’s how you learn.

The ugly rep is the first step in the path to mastering a skill. It’s the willingness to be a little uncomfortable. To look fear and perfectionism in the face and say, “F*ck it. Just ship it!” and then do the damn thing already.

I’m not saying to senselessly run your body into the ground, while injuring the crap out of yourself. It’s good to use your brain. If you’ve never done a squat before, don’t load a 300lb bar on your back the first time you try it. 

Start small. Build from there, but…start.

In that spirit, here’s some things that you can expect from me in 2018, which I’m so excited…and little nervous…to share with you:

  • Foam rolling + Pilates workshops that will teach you how to use that roller as something other than a torture device for your IT band and build a better butt. I have two already on the books for January. You can get all the info + sign up for the Tacoma one here and the Seattle one here
  • Instructor education. I’ll be teaching a Balanced Body Suspension Training course in Redmond, Wa in January (get all the deets here!) + some new workshops on using movement to problem solve pain and injury. LA and FL are the short list, but if you want me to come to you, let me know. I’m ready to break out of my WA bubble 😉
  • Unfiltered honesty and humor. Mind body fitness isn’t just for people who unironically put moon dust in their smoothies. You’re allowed to enjoy a cocktail, have all the inner peace of a rabid raccoon, and still prioritize taking care of your body.

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Kinda like… THIS. For December, I created two workouts for my VIPS.

One naughty (aka full of fun challenging exercises to help you build strength) and one nice (full of yummy mobility moves to leave you feeling open and relaxed).

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I’d love to know YOUR big plans for this year. Leave a comment and tell me:

This year, I am totally committed to __________ and I am SO excited about ____________.

Can’t wait to rock & roll with you.

Here’s to a very happy New Year full of unicorns, sparkles, fun and absurdity.



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