Filming Basics for Movement Teachers Webinar

Thursday October 8th, 9 am to 10 am PDT


how to film pro looking video

This webinar will cover basic tips for filming videos for movement teachers, including:

  • Tips on what to wear for what will film well on camera
  • BASIC mic and lighting set up
  • General filming tips, so you can minimize how much editing you need to do.
  • How to do intros and outros
  • How to film livestream classes that can be repurposed as on demand classes or YouTube content for later.

General tech disclaimer:

Please note that I am NOT a tech expert or a video expert. I am a movement teacher. This means that I can NOT help you edit video and if you have tech questions about the best microphones for your tech or if you cannot get an app or piece of technology to work, please do not ask me or expect this webinar to help you. I can barely use a computer and therefore will be of absolutely no help. Thank you for understanding. 😉