Struggling with stiff, cranky hips? Check out...




5 Days of exercises to hit the reset button on those problem hips.

What's included in the challenge:

  • Full access to the 5-Day Hips Don’t Lie Challenge.
  • Video tutorials that will teach you a simple 10 minute routine to kick hip stiffness that you can do (almost) anywhere.
  • Downloadable PDFs that you can save for reference to practice the exercises in the future!

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Nikki Push Up HeadShot

About your instructor:

Hey there! I’m Nikki Naab-Levy. I’m a Pilates teacher, fitness educator and massage therapist based in the rainy, but gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

I’ve got a degree in exercise science, more professional certifications than I can count and 10 + years experience helping people who struggle with injury get fit with less pain.

My fitness wisdom has been featured in the Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, Girls Gone Strong and Men’s Fitness and I’ve worked with everyone from professional athletes to 90 year olds.

I adore an oversized cup of coffee, everything fall (plaid, pumpkin spice lattes, pie, scarves) and I sometimes wonder if I started teaching fitness, because it gave me an excuse to live in yoga pants.


Sign up for the challenge and loosen up those hips!

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