How to fit more exercise into your day

Truth. The modern world or workday isn’t designed for us to get enough exercise. It’s not great, but it’s also not worth going into a shame spiral over. Rather, it means we have to make a conscious effort to move more and if sh*t happens, do the best we can.

First, when we talk “exercise” really what we should think is movement. Other things to keep in mind is what makes sense for your life. If you live in a bitterly cold area or don’t have access to sidewalks when you’re walking, those are real barriers to take a walk.

So when considering these tips, know that they’re generic. Feel free to adapt them as it makes sense to you and just know that all movement counts. You don’t have to do a formal “workout” to get the benefits of exercise.

3 ways to fit more exercise into your day

1. Take short walking breaks during your workday.

Move around for 5 minutes every hour. Take three 15 minute walks. Pace your house or hallway on calls. Do whatever makes sense for you.

If you have the funds, consider investing in a mini trampoline (I love the Bellicon, but it’s pricey, so no shame in purchasing a different brand). What I love about the trampoline is that you can get in low impact cardio in a space efficient way. I will often also jog on when I’m watching trash TV or waiting for dinner to cook.

Weird? Sure, lol but it works!

2. Pick an exercise to do a few times a day.

Now this isn’t about killing yourself, but fun fact, 10 squats 3 or 4 times a day can actually add up to a lot of lower body strength.

The same can go for push-ups against your countertop or a 1 minute plank hold next to your desk.

You could even do a super quick bodyweight exercise circuit a couple times a day.

Need some inspiration? I curated a 7 minute FULL BODY bodyweight circuit for you with some of my favorite equipment free exercises.

3. Find a simple and short daily exercise or stretching routine that you can do at-home.

The key thing here is that it’s enjoyable.

It can be based around a goal you have (e.g. strength or flexibility) or a movement modality that you really like, such as Pilates, yoga or kettlebells. Finally, try to avoid falling into the trap of whatever it is that you are doing isn’t enough. The benefits of exercise come from consistency, not doing everything perfectly.

Need some ideas? I created a curated mini library of at-home strength workouts. Sign up to get it below!