What equipment do you recommend that I have for the workshops?

While you may take the workshop without all of these tools or with equipment substitutions, below is the equipment that we will be using during the workshop.

Bands and small props:

  • 1 light jumpstretch band, 1 medium jumpstretch band
  • Mini / looped band
  • Foam roller / rolled up yoga mat
  • 1-2 yoga blocks
  • Slider (furniture slider, gliding disc, paper plate)

For most people, here are the ranges of kettlebells that you might want to have available to you:

For a lighter kettlebell: 4 kg, 6 kg, or 8 kg (9lbs, 13lbs, or 18lbs)
For a heavier kettlebell: 12 kg or 16 kg (26lbs, 36lbs) or heavier