What weights and bands should I start with?!

This is impossible for us to answer, because weights are entirely dependent on your current level of strength and the specific exercise that you’re practicing. However, here are some guidelines.

If you are doing the program in a gym, which we recommend if possible, the best way for you to choose a weight is to pick some dumbbells that seem reasonable, try the exercise and feel it out. Not knowing what weight to choose is normal and part of the process. It’s okay to experiment!

You will know you have the right weight if you can feel the target muscle group by the third or fourth rep and if you are tired at the end of your prescribed number of reps where you could do around 2 more with good form. If you can’t finish the prescribed number of repetitions the weight is probably too heavy. If you could do 5 more reps after you’re done, then the weight is too light.

If you are buying weights for at home, you might still need to try this for a few exercises. However, you will probably want to start with something like an 8 to 10 lb set of dumbbells AND a 15 or 20 lb set of dumbbells. This means you would have two 8 lb dumbbells AND two 20 lb dumbbells.

However, it’s entirely possible that you might need heavier OR lighter weights. It’ll just depend on you. Many women underestimate their abilities though, so it’s unlikely you’ll need less than 8 lb weights. 😉

The strength and conditioning component of this program will require:

  • Medium jumpstretch band (possibly a light or heavy jumpstretch band. It depends on your current level of strength!)
  • Ideally a set of “light,” “medium” and “heavy” dumbbells. It’s fine if you start with just 2 sets of dumbbells, but it’s nice to have options!) Light usually = a set of 8-12 lb dumbbells, heavier usually = a 15 to 25 lb set of dumbbells. Again it depends on YOUR current level of strength and the exercise.
  • A looped / mini band in extra light or light resistance (again you may need heavier. It just depends!)
  • A pull-up bar.
  • A bench or box – though you can probably use a sturdy chair if you are doing this at home.

There is the option to use a suspension trainer (e.g. a TRX or Olympic Rings), but it is NOT required to complete the program!

For many of the exercises, you have the option of using dumbbells, a band, OR a suspension trainer, so depending on what equipment you have on hand + would like to invest in, it’s possible that you could do the program at home.

The program also comes with equipment recommendations, if you’d like to purchase equipment for home use.

All of this equipment, with the exception of the jumpstretch band and looped band, can easily found in most commercial gyms.