Strength for Hypermobility FREE Resources!

We’re currently working on an 8 week program with the tools, education, and exercises that you or your clients will need to get started building strength in a safe and sustainable way with considerations specific to the challenges that come with being hypermobile.

In the meantime, we’ve created an exclusive monthly newsletter that contains FREE exercises and education around strength and hypermobility, including troubleshooting wrist pain, the benefits of strength for your joints and pain levels if you’re hypermobile, the science of pain…and more!

About Your Instructors

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Jenn Pilotti is a movement educator and author with twenty years of experience helping clients and teachers build strength and mobility with less pain using techniques founded neuroscience and motor learning.

She holds a B.S. Exercise science and M.S. Human Movement. Her work has been featured in Breaking Muscle and Think Movement. Her book Body, Mind, Movement was published through Handspring Publishing in 2020. Jenn regularly teaches workshops throughout the west coast.

Nikki Naab-Levy, B.S. in Exercise Science, is a strength and movement educator with over a decade of experience helping women build strength, move beyond injury, and find a sustainable approach to fitness.

Nikki has a special interest in strength for hypermobility, because of her own challenges with it and seeing how strength training helped her manage her own pain and expand her physical capacity. She's been featured in SELF magazine, Women's Health, and Girls Gone Strong.

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