Practical education for fitness professionals who want to advance their knowledge and teaching skills

Instructor training with Nikki Naab-LevyThe Bodhi Suspension System combines Pilates principles (posture and functional strength) with the challenge of suspension training to help develop stability, whole-body strength, flexibility and balance.

The ideal complement to any Pilates or personal training practice, the Bodhi adds standing, balance, and stability elements of varying challenge to that can be used in both a post-rehab and performance setting.

The Bodhi instructor training provides fitness professionals with everything needed to successfully teach a variety of formats, including group classes, circuit training or private sessions.

When taking the Balanced Body Bodhi Instructor Training, you’ll:

Get a practical review of movement principles + anatomy

No matter how long you’ve been studying or teaching fitness, human movement is complicated.

This training simplifies key anatomical principles and highlights the most important aspects of fitness programming, so you can create balanced workouts for your clients.

Improve your ability to see and troubleshoot your client’s form deviations

Textbooks do a great job of teaching us alignment and general cues to keep our clients safe, but sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly why an exercise isn’t working or where the breakdown is happening in form.

This training includes multiple practice teaching sessions with personal feedback from the course instructor, so you can better identify where you client might have some weakness and choose the best exercise to meet their needs, while offering specific and effective cuing.

Expand your exercise toolbox and offerings

The Bodhi allows for up to four points of suspension, which maximizes exercise options to increase or decrease challenge, while providing the opportunity for creative + diverse programming.

And if your clients have become accustomed to using primarily weights or Pilates equipment, the Bodhi makes common exercises like planks, rows, squats or lunges, feel new and dynamic as you add core and coordination challenges by using ropes and working in a different plane against gravity.

The Bodhi Suspension System Instructor Training includes:

  • Detailed explanation of all the Bodhi exercises + time to experience them
  • Practice teaching and education on program design
  • A comprehensive review of Balanced Body Movement Principles to make your teaching more powerful and effective.
  • The Balanced Body Track System to make class programming a snap
  • A detailed, full color manual with an accompanying DVD
  • Workouts, drills and personalized feedback to take your teaching to the next level
  • CE credits for ACE and the PMA
  • 5% discount on all Balanced Body products for a year

Many fitness certifications throw hundreds of exercises at you without explaining how to create effective programming or modifications to best meet client needs.

After this two day training, you’ll have an arsenal of fun, dynamic exercises and a deeper understanding of essential training concepts that can be applied to your personal training practice and group fitness classes.

Your investment: $550

All Bodhi Instructor Training courses taught by Master Trainer Nikki Naab-Levy take place at Soma Pilates in Redmond, Washington.

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  • "How lucky is Seattle to land Nikki Naab-Levy? In my opinion, winning-the-trifecta lucky. She is passionate about self-care and about sharing its benefits with as many people as possible, she has an extensive knowledge of how therapeutic movement helps all bodies--from the extreme fitness fanatic to the worker bee sitting at a desk for hours, AND she has a WONDERFUL sense of humor. Personally, her classes have not only helped my aches and pains, but have provided me with valuable self-help information to maintain wellness."

    Molly P.

  • "You will learn a lot and you will get results."

    Jen B.

  • "I have worked with Nikki for years - first learning movement to address pain, misalignment and instability in the body, then as a manual therapy (massage) client. Nikki has an eagle eye for movement issues in the body, and even a crazy ear (my boyfriend saw her and his shoulder popped while she was turned away from him and she asked, "Was that your right or left side?"). Her approach is pragmatic, yet her touch is still intuitive and gentle. She also happens to be a continuing education junkie, so no client will feel like he or she is getting a routine treatment. She will determine to the best of her ability what intervention is best at that particular time, truly listening to and assessing the client. The space is a vibrant, clean, open and small studio that easily transitions between bodywork, pilates and MELT needs. In a city teeming with massage therapy practices and pilates studios, the space is truly is a gem because of Nikki's unique training and orientation, and the excellence of service."

    Rachel H.

  • "I love how Nikki is able to explain complex terms in a way that are easy to understand, and how she focuses on long-term common sense solutions instead of a quick fix. Whether in her group classes or tips on social media, her advice is straightforward and easy to follow. I love that she's not a fitness guru - she just wants to help people feel their best and be their best, whatever that means to them."

    Allyson F.

  • "I had some significant back pain that several medical specialists were unable to relieve. I chose to work with Nikki, because she was very knowledgeable about body mechanics. After a few sessions with Nikki, my back pain was eliminated and hasn’t returned. I love her easy demeanor and willingness to provide additional information that might be of help. Her social media sites are also very helpful for many things."

    Karen S.

  • "Being a dancer and working in the fitness industry for years, I was in chronic pain and desperate for a solution. I realized that what I was doing was simply not working, let alone sustainable. The results I have seen from my sessions with Nikki are too many to name! I always leave feeling better than when I came in and with a new set of tools to manage my vast array of aches of pains. I've had a huge improvement in low back pain, knee pain, muscle cramping, and mobility in my spine and hips. Even people who don't have aches and pains (or won't admit it) could benefit from working with Nikki. She’s inspired me to take time for self-care. This has carried over into other aspects of my life and provoked reflection on how I treat myself. It is more than just a massage or foam rolling... it's a step toward better mental and emotional health as well."

    Erin B.

  • Molly P
  • Jen B
  • Rachel H
  • Allyson F
  • Karen S
  • Erin B

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