If you’re willing to keep going, you’ll make progress

I’ve been thinking about this idea of progress a lot lately, particularly because it’s my nature to be impatient and to get bored or annoyed and quit when progress isn’t happening fast enough. 

I’m aware of this personal challenge/shortcoming, so patience has been something that I’ve spent the past several years trying to cultivate. (side note, pretty sure I’m not there yet, though I might be a little better at hiding my impatience). 

If you're willing to keep going, you'll make progress #motivation #goalsetting #fitnessgoals #mindsettipsPart of what contributes to my impatience is my desire to have confirmation that I’ve made the right choice or I’m doing the right thing, because not knowing if things are going to work out is painful and anxiety inducing.

But what I’m *slowly* learning is when it comes to the things that matter, there’s no finish line. Goals are great. However…

Your relationships can always grow stronger. 

Your business can always evolve further. 

Your knowledge in areas of interest can always go deeper. 

Your physical capabilities can always extend to something harder/bigger/faster/stronger. 

So the question isn’t can you do it, but which mountain do you want to climb?

And once you know that, progress isn’t a matter of if, but when.

You just need to make a plan and keep going. One step at a time.

Because seriously, you’ve got this. 


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