One-on-one Pilates training in Tacoma, Wa to improve your fitness and increase your strength without the aches and pains.

(Because who would sign up for aches and pains?)

Movement and pilates trainingFitness isn’t just a health word. It is your health. And it’s about a lot more than six pack abs, bikini butts, and punishing workouts.

You aren’t Weak… Old… Fat… Unhealthy… Broken…

You’re just a woman with a lot of free will and a little free time. And now, you want to use it to get fitter – without getting injured.

Whether your dream is to rock the little black dress, make it through exercise classes without muscle twinges, or just get out of bed in the morning with a spring and not a sigh, one thing’s for sure:

The secret to good fitness? Is a good fitness foundation.

You might not be a teenager any more, but your body is still designed to move. Even if life has thrown a few aches and pains your way, or even a even a couple of injuries, it doesn’t mean you have to give up what you love. In fact, you want to be doing more of it!

And even though Jane Fonda did the leotards and leg warmers justice, you’re starting to wonder if it’s even possible to feel fit without also feeling pain. The good news? It totally is. (The other good news? It definitely doesn’t require leotards and leg warmers.)

Fun fact: You might not know that Jane Fonda went on to have not one but two hip replacements. I like to think it was because she didn’t work with me.

For you, feeling fit is about more than how you look in a mirror. It’s about how you feel in a moment.

The problem is, right now, those moments look something like this:

  • An exercise in your group fitness class class suddenly feels uncomfortable (*cue anxiety*) because no your body doesn’t bend like that and no matter how many times you try it still hurts and you still feel like you suck at it.
  • Lifting that maybe-too-heavy weight, doing that maybe-too-ambitious move, or going on that maybe-too-strenuous run has you convinced you’re going to get injured and be unable to exercise for the rest of your life.
  • You open the gym door to be greeted by a sea of rippling muscles and realize you left your confidence at home – again.
  • You sit down to relax but arghhhh back pain.
  • You intended for your workout to be fun but all you can hear is that annoying voice in your head saying, “Umm, I don’t think you’re doing this right”.
  • You catch yourself standing with slumped shoulders and a curved spine and you wish your posture was more… refined.

All you want is to be able to exercise, without pain, without fear of injury, and with results. Real ones that you can see and feel. Is that really too much to ask?

No, it’s not! It is possible to:

  • Move, shake, dance, lift, bend, squat, roll, run, or just walk without tension in your muscles (and, let’s be honest, your mind). Relief tastes sweet. Just like chocolate.
  • Get better at what you love with age, not worse. Just like wine.
  • Attempt – and nail – that new exercise you’ve been wanting to do for aaaages but haven’t because you’ve been too worried about hurting yourself.
  • Have the confidence to challenge your body to see what you’re really capable of, safely – because you know you’re capable of more.
  • Finally complete an elusive handstand push up – after some work to build you up to it. After all, you’re not here for quick fixes or gimmicks.

Enter NNL Private Training:

One-to-one pilates and fitness training in Tacoma, WA for the independent woman who isn’t lured by hot rooms, green juices, or workouts with the word ‘insanity’ in them, but wants a body she loves – and that she feels loves her back. Because that’s what self-care is really about, right?

This is for the woman who wants results, without pain, delivered in person, in a private setting.

Good news! I’m Nikki Naab-Levy and that’s exactly what I’ve dedicated my career to making happen. I’ve got 10+ years’ experience in teaching fitness and movement to people just like you who are seriously over the idea that exercise automatically means risking an injury or living with pain.

You know when your mind says yes but your body says hell no? It’s frustrating! I’ve been there too and I totally get it. That’s why I’m here to help you develop your fitness foundation so movement that feels difficult now will feel different later. (And by different, I mean soooo much better.)

What NNL Private Training involves:

The Starting Line Session
A FREE one-on-one 45 minute session so you can meet me and see how I work (magic) before deciding exactly how you’ll benefit most from our time together – and before paying a cent.

Ready to do this? Sign up here!

Then you can choose from Sprint or 5k sessions. Here are the deets for both.

Sprint Session
For a taste of private training and to work towards those goals I know you’ve got, the sprint will hit the spot. PLUS you get a set of custom 15-minute self-care or fitness routines designed with love, just for you. This way, you can take what we cover together and apply them to your own routines, in your own time. Take your pick from:

  1. A private 90-minute training sessionplus two custom routines ($225)
  2. Three private one hour sessions plus three custom routines ($420) $140 ea*

5k Session
If you’re not a fan of DIY and prefer direct support and use of professional equipment each time you train, you can book one private session or a block of them.

  1. One private one hour session ($150)
  2. Five private one hour sessions ($625) $125 ea*
  3. Eight private one hour sessions ($960) $120 ea*

*If you’d like to book a block of 5K sessions, but also want custom routines, you can have both! Just let me know in your Starting Line intro session.

**All private training services are subject to the 9.6% Wa State sales tax

Sessions take place at my specially-built home studio. Clients love it. Think quiet, clean, intimate, and decked (ok, pimped) out with beautiful, high quality equipment that will make you say “oooh”, including a springboard, Pilates chair and reformer (not nearly as strange as they sound), and Bodhi suspension trainer, which is similar to a TRX.

Ready to dive in? (Head first, feet first, whatever you fancy.)

Clickity click here to book your FREE intro session. Your finger is the only thing that needs to do the work – for now.

Here’s what to expect after you click the button:

  • You’ll be whisked away to a simple registration page where you can request your preferred time for our Starting Line intro session.
  • Within one business day of receiving your inquiry, I’ll send you an email to set up an appointment time, plus a short questionnaire and digital waiver for you to sign. I’ll also give you any info you need before we have our session together in Tacoma (like the address of my home studio and how to get yourself there).
  • When we have our first session, the first 15 minutes or so will be spent chatting through your fitness history and what you want to achieve from our time together. The other 30 minutes will be focused on getting to work – and cracking out some moves!

Got a question? Find answers here.

Fitness foundation is either building back the strength and stability in your body after an injury, so you don’t re-injure yourself, or creating a movement foundation that allows you to gradually add load. It’s suitable if you’re new to exercise, want to improve your general fitness, or to work towards peak performance without getting injured. Because injuries are so not fun.

Sure do! Go get your Starting Line intro session.

I can’t guarantee that won’t happen at some point(!) but it’s so much more than that. We might work on the form of your squats and lunges, do some stability training for your weaker areas (you know, the ones that cause the discomfort), or even have some fun with a foam roller to relieve muscular aches and tension. Those are just a few examples. I promise you’ll feel physically different after you’ve done the exercises – and I’ve been told that even if they seem easy at first, they’re actually sneaky hard. And that equals results.

It depends on your current circumstances and the exercises we do together, but hard work doesn’t automatically translate to dripping uncontrollably from the temples. You don’t have to sweat your guts out for my exercises to work. You don’t have to feel strain for my exercises to work. And if you think you might get bored, book yourself for that Starting Line intro session and you’ll soon realise I won’t let that happen!

Phew, where do I start? The equipment uses spring-based resistance, which works with your body weight and creates full body balance or balance in the muscles. It allows you to experience fluid movement of your whole body which feels both comfortable and effortless, even though your body is working hard (I promise). You’ll physically feel your muscles strengthen, lengthen, and coordinate rather than compress. Using equipment also means the exercises we do are more dynamic and totally adaptable according to what you need on a given day, be that flexibility, strength, control, mental focus, or cake. No, hang on… it can’t give you cake.

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  • "As a life long exerciser, I've done hip programs before seeing little change in my abilities or comfort. Now that I've completed several modules of Hips Don't Lie, I can see why previous efforts were a waste of time. Here is what this program gets right: The program starts with some deviously easy-not-easy exercises to meet me where I am. No straining or cheating needed to feel successful. The program progresses. This is a biggie! Every few weeks, a new set of exercises kept me engaged, interested and challenged. I felt stronger and more capable as the weeks pass. Getting up and down from the ground starts to feel efffortless--important as I am remodeling our home and there is a lot of that. Instructions are clear, concise and strategic. I've done some of these exercises before with other trainers and had no idea I was not positioning my body in a way to engage the right muscles. Eye opening! The program's videos were easy for me to follow and complete at home and I appreciated having PDFs to quickly refer to at the gym. The instructor is a delight. I'd definitely hang with her. Bonus? My core strength improved too. Can't recommend highly enough."

    Colleen G.

  • "If you are serious about form and you want to do things correctly and see improvement, then this is the program for you. Her cues are perfect and I feel like I am finally doing certain exercises right for the first time. I have finally learned to do squats correctly even though I have worked with other trainers and researched how to do them extensively. Nikki has that rare ability to not only know the right way to do the exercises but also how to explain it in terms that make sense. I often find myself thinking, wow, so that is what this is supposed to feel like. After working through this program I feel like I am getting so much more out of my workouts. Hips are the root of so many problems and these routines will help get you back on the right track. Her modifications adjust this for every fitness level and are useful when recovering from an injury.  I am so glad that I found her programs and I am sure you will be too.  I was tired and frustrated and had been through so many different programs from face to face personal training, physical therapy, arrosti sessions, nunerius Drs, videos, books, classes, and boot camps and I feel like I have made more progress with her programs than any of the others."

    Suzie M.

  • "I found the program covered a nice dynamic between stretching and strengthening. My goal for taking this was to improve my hip strength with the time frame of the 8 weeks coinciding with a hiking trip I had planned. I am happy to say that my hips/lower back were able to sustain some very challenging climbs and surfaces during my hiking days. I also found that I could use some of the sequences at the end of my day to release/stretch my hips/lower back."

    Laura R.

  • "Nikki is an outstanding master of her craft!  She has extensive knowledge and a passion for fitness and health and it shows in her Hip Program. I have struggled with hip pain from osteoporosis and followed Nikki's Hip Program for 8 weeks.  The results have been incredible!  I now have increased mobility, strength, and best of all, I can move pain free!  Nikki's program is easy to follow; the exercises are progressive, there are photos and very clear, concise instructions on how to do them.  I continue to do many of the exercises as maintenance to keep good hip function and pain free movement. I am also a movement professional and would have no reservations recommending Nikki's Hip Program to clients who are looking for a thorough, online program at home to compliment the work that I do with them in the studio. Highest recommendation!!!"

    Deb T.

  • "You will learn a lot and you will get results."

    Jen B.

  • "I love how Nikki is able to explain complex terms in a way that are easy to understand, and how she focuses on long-term common sense solutions instead of a quick fix. Whether in her group classes or tips on social media, her advice is straightforward and easy to follow. I love that she's not a fitness guru - she just wants to help people feel their best and be their best, whatever that means to them."

    Allyson F.

  • Colleen G.
  • Suzie M.
  • Laura R.
  • Deb T.
  • Jen B
  • Allyson F

So, are you ready for exercise to feel good again? (Duh.)

Book yourself in for that free Starting Line intro session now and say hello to renewed strength and improved confidence. You deserve it.