Pilates magic circle core workout

Creating a solid fitness program doesn’t require reinventing wheel, but there’s something to be said for mixing it up to prevent boredom (I can’t be the only person with exercise ADD), which is why I love incorporating props like the Pilates magic circle into my workout.

Using props can make familiar exercises feel like a new challenge. They can also help you refine your form and get more out of bodyweight training, since it gives your nervous more feedback on where you are in space.

The magic circle is particularly diverse and also light and travel friendly making it one of my favorites to bring along on vacations.

Sound good?

Try it out with this quickie workout using the Pilates magic circle. It’s only 10 minutes, but includes exercises to efficiently mobilize the hips, free up the shoulders and improve core control.

Pilates magic circle exercises | 10 min full body workout

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  1. Marc Hernandez
    7 hours ago

    Thank you for this! The majority of the time I workout it just consists of me either running or doing core exercises I don’t really use props. I’ll give them a look now.


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