A quick full body Pilates magic circle workout

A common question I get is “What can I do for a workout if I’m short on time, have limited equipment and don’t want to have to shower afterwards?”

The short answer is to move, which could mean taking a quick walk or doing a little bit of mobility and stability work.

That being said, it’s nice to have something a little more formal, so I shot a short video featuring Pilates magic circle exercises.

Even if you don’t have a magic circle, these exercises can be done with just bodyweight alone.

It’s a beginner workout (i.e. don’t expect anything too strenuous), but still worthwhile, because it targets all the major areas of the body (shoulders, hips and core) and includes some nice mobility work…which everyone can benefit from regardless of skill level.

This workout will take just under 15 ¬†minutes to do and can also act as a nice warm-up before doing more strenous exercise like weight lifting or running. I’ve also outlined the workout below for quick reference.

15 Minute Pilates Magic Circle Workout

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