A FULL BODY strength training and mobility program to help you master push-ups WITHOUT sore wrists, hurty shoulders, ooo-oorrr face planting into the floor.



A FULL BODY strength training and mobility program to help you master push-ups WITHOUT sore wrists and hurty shoulders

Do you feel like...

• Push ups are impossible and you struggle to do a single rep?

• No matter how often you practice push-ups and planks, they still bother your wrists, shoulders, or lower back?

• You’re ready to get strong and maa-aaaybe even try lifting weights, but you don’t know where to start and are afraid you might get hurt?


Are you a fitness professional, Pilates instructor, or yoga teacher who wants more tools to help your clients move better and master push ups with less pain and injury?


If so, I've been there too and I've got your back...and wrists!

I partnered with strength coach Meghan Ramos to create PUSH IT REAL GOOD, a FULL BODY mobility + strength program to help you master push-ups and get started weight training.

If you’re over ouchy wrists or splatting on the floor while everyone around you knocks out push-ups like an IG fitness model grab PUSH IT REAL GOOD today!


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The story behind PUSH IT REAL GOOD

In my twenties, I push(up)ed my way into chronic wrist and shoulder pain after becoming obsessed with and eventually teaching a workout that involved 5 straight minutes of planks and push-ups, while using hot yoga (think LOTS of Down Dogs + Chaturangas) as my “recovery.”

A year later, my arms looked great and I had the strength to easily knock out 20 push-ups on my toes. However, my wrists and shoulders were a mess. I couldn’t grip a dumbbell without searing nerve pain up my arms, or type an email without my fingers going numb. Even holding the steering wheel when driving hurt.

And as far as practicing push-ups went? Forget it. It hurt just to think about putting weight on my wrists. What was once my favorite workout, became a source of frustration, fear, and pain.

Disillusioned and debilitated, I started to question why I and so many of my clients and colleagues struggled to master push-ups and experienced pain and discomfort while practicing exercises that required being on our hands.

I realized that there had to be a better way and spent the next 5 years seeking education + answers from physical therapists, movement experts, and researchers.

What I learned?

Just because a workout is hard, doesn't mean it's supposed to hurt.

While pain and discomfort isn’t a crisis, it is a sign that some key elements might be missing from your workout and you should pay attention.

In the case of hurty wrists and shoulders during planks and push-ups, the problem often comes down to a simple concept. You aren’t prepared to take on that challenge...yet.

Your body adapts to the movements that you most commonly practice over your lifetime. If you live in the modern world, then you’re probably best trained to sit in a chair, type at a computer, and send a text message.

What you're not well trained for? Push-ups.

You need three things to do a good push-up, plank, or any exercise that requires putting weight on your hands.

Wrist Mobility

the ability to actively move your wrists through their full range of motion

Shoulder Stability

the ability to control where your arms go when you do hard exercises

Upper AND Lower Body Strength

In the case of a push-up this = being able to push half of your bodyweight (and you read that right. Lower body strength is important for push-ups too!)

Unless you’re in the circus, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time putting your weight on your wrists, or moving them in their full range of motion.

You also probably haven’t devoted much time to training your posture muscles (seriously, when’s the last time you got hot and heavy with your rotator cuff?!) to support your arms when you move.

Aaaa-aaaand if you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you haven’t been encouraged or had the opportunity to build the strength to push half of your body weight with your arms.

The end result are wrists and shoulders that aren’t prepared to support your weight during a push up + muscles that lack the strength to physically push you off the ground, which is why push ups feels ouchy and hard when you do them!

This is why simply “doing more push-ups” doesn’t work. It fails to address the underlying reasons for why push-ups are so dang hard!


The good news? There’s nothing wrong with you. You just need to train your body to be better prepared for push ups.

The even better news? Training this way doesn’t just improve your push-ups. It also improves your overall strength + fitness.

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What others are saying:

"After working through PUSH IT REAL GOOD, I feel like I am getting so much more out of my workouts. I was tired and frustrated and had been through so many different programs from personal training, physical therapy, numerous doctors, videos, books, classes, and boot camps. I feel like I have made more progress with Nikki's program than any of the others."

Suzie M.
High School Teacher

PUSH IT REAL GOOD will give you the tools to build the mobility AND strength to rock push-ups and get started weight lifting - even if you’ve never picked up a dumbbell before.

Ready to build MORE strength with LESS hurt?

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The PUSH IT REAL GOOD digital book

This 100+ page, beautifully illustrated e-book explains in simple language how your joints are supposed to move, why you might have pain when you workout, and how to make push-ups + exercise more effective with a reduced risk of injury. 

The PUSH IT REAL GOOD digital book also includes: 

  • Self assessments to help you identify where you need to work on mobility and strength
  • Stability and mobility routines to address upper back, shoulder, wrist, and elbow discomfort
  • Videos for all of the routines outlined in the book

Aaaa-aaand has been formatted to be easily read on a phone or tablet.



The PUSH IT REAL GOOD Strength Training Program

This 12 week FULL BODY program gives you everything you need to rock push-ups, get started weight lifting, and build strength using equipment found in most gyms. These workouts are designed to be effective + joint friendly with a minimal time commitment. 


The PUSH IT REAL GOOD Strength Training program includes:

  • 3 full body strength training workouts that can be completed in under an hour (This = 3 workouts a week)
  • Modifications for all of the exercises in the program to make weight training accessible, even with an underlying joint restriction (e.g. ouchy knees or shoulders)
  • A "Getting Started" section, with recommendations for equipment, cardio, recovery, and weight selection.

The program also comes with...

The PUSH IT REAL GOOD Exercise Glossary

This printer friendly exercise glossary is organized by workout for easy reference and includes detailed descriptions + step by step images for the warm-up, exercises, and modifications outlined in the PUSH IT REAL GOOD Strength Training Program.

The PUSH IT REAL GOOD Exercise Tracker

Need an easy way to track your progress? We've got you covered!

This simple and printer friendly workout tracker includes space for you to track your equipment, exercise selection, and progress for all 12 weeks of the program.


This vault is loaded with content to fast track your fitness journey and includes:

A Video Library with tutorials for the warm-up + all of the exercises and modifications in the PUSH IT REAL GOOD Strength Training program.

An FAQ and Help Section, with tutorials to troubleshoot joint discomfort and form issues for the exercises in the program, as well as, discussions covering frequently asked questions when getting started weight training.

Stability and Mobility Routines, with videos for all of the routines in the PUSH IT REAL GOOD book to address restrictions or joint discomfort in the upper back, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

Plus, you'll get three 20 minute bonus classes taught by yoga teacher and educator Trina Altman.

These classes use creative corrective exercises and small props to help you improve mobility, stability, and control.

Wrist Reset: This class will take you through novel exercises to reduce wrist discomfort, improve wrist mobility + strength, and prepare your body for weight bearing through the arms.

Rockstar Shoulders: In this class, you’ll experience fun and playful stability and mobility exercises to decrease shoulder discomfort and prepare the shoulders for exercise. 

Unwind Your Neck and Spine: In this class, you'll learn exercises to reduce neck stiffness and mobilize + strengthen your entire spine from the inside out.

About Trina Altman

Trina Altman, BS, PMA-CPT, received her training through STOTT PILATES® and is an E-RYT 500.

Trina has presented at Kripalu, the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference and Yogaworks, among others.

Her work has been published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International and Pilates Style magazine. Her book, Yoga Deconstructed®: Transitioning From Rehabilitation Back Into The Yoga Studio is slated to be published by Handspring Publishing in December 2019.

Gotta Question? Find the answer here.

Do I need a gym membership to follow this program? What equipment do I need?

The strength and conditioning component of this program will require resistance bands, a set of “light,” “medium” and “heavy” dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. It will also be helpful to have access to a bench or box. There is the option to use a suspension trainer (e.g. a TRX) and a looped band. For many of the exercises, you have the option of using dumbbells, a band, OR a suspension trainer, so depending on what equipment you have on hand + would like to invest in, it’s possible that you could do the program at home. The program also comes with equipment recommendations, if you’d like to purchase equipment for home use. However, all of this equipment is easily found in most commercial gyms. The mobility and stability routines require little to no equipment and could easily be done at home.

I can’t even do one push-up and I think weights are intimidating! Is PUSH IT REAL GOOD right for me?

YES! Many of our clients who had a goal of mastering push-ups and getting stronger started little to no experience weight training and a history of joint issues. By following programming similar to what is detailed in the PUSH IT REAL GOOD book and program they were able to improve their push-ups and build strength.

If the above description sounds like you, we created PUSH IT REAL GOOD with you in mind!

I’m already strong and awesome at push ups, buuu-uut they don’t feel great on my wrists and I’m super stiff + inflexible. Will this help?

I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can’t make any promises. However, I’ve seen the stability and mobility exercises in PUSH IT REAL GOOD help many of my strong and fit clients move and feel better.

In fact, many people have told me that doing this type of work made their workouts better, because they had so much more flexibility and ease of movement.

Additionally, just because the strength and conditioning portion of the program is simple, doesn’t mean it’s “easy.” If you’re already strong or experienced, you can use a heavier weights or more resistance to challenge yourself.

Can PUSH IT REAL GOOD replace physical therapy?

The short answer is no. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a physical therapist and I can’t fix you.

PUSH IT REAL GOOD is for you, if:

You’ve been cleared to exercise by your doctor or physical therapist and you’re looking for a transition back to regular exercise after rehabilitation from an injury.
You have general tension/stiffness and you want to improve alignment, stability and mobility, or reduce your risk of injury or re-injury.
You’re looking for a simple, yet comprehensive way to build strength and improve the way you move and feel
PUSH IT REAL GOOD is not for you, if:

You have ongoing, undiagnosed and untreated pain.
You suspect you have an underlying trauma or injury, but have not consulted a medical professional about it.
You have not been cleared to exercise by your doctor or physical therapist.
Please note that if you have any questions or concerns about starting a new fitness program or you have ongoing pain, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional.

I’m crazy busy. How long are the workouts? Do I have enough time for this?

Only you will know the answer to this. However, this program is what I would call the minimal time commitment to see measurable results. Ideally, you will perform the strength workout 2 to 3 times a week. Each workout will take 45 minutes to an hour including the warm up.

If you are practicing the optional mobility routines, they will each take about 20 minutes and can be done in conjunction with the strength program or on rest days. Whatever fits best in your schedule!

Can this program help me lose weight or get ripped? I want muscles!

Fat loss typically requires changing your approach to nutrition. With this in mind, Push ups that don’t suck is not a weight loss program and does not offer nutrition advice. Additionally, it would take more than 12 weeks to put on large amounts of muscle and the program is designed for strength, not muscle building, so you are probably not going to look like a bronze statue by following the program.

That being said, strength training has been found to promote changes in body composition and improve muscle mass and tone, which could contribute to having more muscle definition.

I’d like to be toned, but don’t want to get bulky. Will strength training turn me into the hulk?!

That depends on how you define “toned” or “bulky.” Not gonna lie, strength training (especially if you’re new to it) will lead to a gradual increase in muscle mass over time, so it is possible that you might notice you have more visible muscle after completing the program.

However, PUSH IT REAL GOOD is designed for strength, not hypertrophy (a type of training for increasing muscle mass), so it’s unlikely that you would see a dramatic increase in muscle mass.

I don’t care about technical stuff or how my body works. Do I HAVE to read the the e-book to follow this program?

Nope! I know not everyone loved school, which is why I created this program to be a choose your own adventure.

If you love understanding how + why things work, the e-book is there for you to enjoy and learn from. However, if you just want to follow the program, you’ll still get great results. No heavy reading required 😉


Nikki Push Up HeadShot

Hey there! I’m Nikki Naab-Levy.

I’m a Pilates teacher, certified functional strength coach, and fitness educator with over a decade of experience helping people build strength, improve mobility, and overcome injury.

I’ve got a degree in exercise science, more professional certifications than I can count, and I’ve been featured in The Seattle Times, Girls Gone Strong and Men’s Fitness.

I adore an oversized cup of coffee, all things 80’s (high tops, bodysuits, GLOW!) and I sometimes wonder if I started teaching fitness, because it gave me an excuse to live in yoga pants.

as seen in (5)
Meg Push Up HeadShot (2)

Hi! I’m Meghan Ramos.

I’m a strength, resilience, and healthy movement advocate who helps people tap into their inner superhero. I love working with anyone who’s intimidated by the gym, wants to get started but feels lost in the fitness world, or just needs some support to make a healthy habit stick for good.

As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, my philosophy is that you should eat to enjoy your life and to support your training. Food is delicious and doesn’t have to be the enemy. I’m passionate about teaching people to feel satisfied by what they eat, fuel their activity to become stronger and faster, and be finished once and for all with the endless cycle of guilt and restriction.

When I’m not in the gym, you can find me hiking, prowling farmer’s markets for new foods to try, trying and usually failing at crafts, and hanging out with my husband and our cat.

What others are saying:

There's a lot to love about PUSH IT-- it meets you where you are with building challenge and continuous support, it's a resource that answers questions I've had when exercising on my own or in other programs for years, and it even has a good sense of humor.

But I think my favorite thing right now is that it's not asking for the kind of commitment so many others want, that it's not an all or nothing deal. I can use the equipment I have now to get started, and also work in the warm-ups and lessons learned to other exercise programs I love.

I already feel stronger, and I know that as I'm ready to do more this program will be there to challenge me, which is great motivation to keep going!"

Rachel Z.
PHD in Education & New Mom

Ready to get strong?

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