F&F 19: Body dysmorphia, Instagram culture, and identity with Leigh Peele

Show Notes:

In this episode, Nikki and Leigh discuss body dysmorphia in the fitness industry and how to distinguish self image from societal conditioning.

They discuss:

– How personal identity should be a primary factor in determining your fitness goals

– Body acceptance versus denial, how we end up setting goals that don’t really serve us, and how to find trust within ourselves

– The role of the internet and Instagram culture in body image

– The importance of body autonomy and the problem with unsolicited advice and how it contributes to body dysmorphia

About Leigh Peele

Leigh Peele, a nationally published author who’s been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, The Guardian, and The Washington Times.

Leigh was a co-host of the popular fitness podcast, Fitcast, and she’s a self-described “layman researcher”.

As a personal trainer with a certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Leigh’s worked with actors, models, fighters, and athletes from all over the world.

To learn about Leigh, visit her website leighpeele.com.

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