F&F 20: Dismantling diet culture with Steph Gaudreau

Show Notes:

In this episode, Nikki chats with nutrition and strength coach Steph Gaudreau about dismantling diet culture and how we as women can take a more empowered approach to fitness and wellness.

They discuss:

  • The pervasiveness of diet culture and how this causes women to approach fitness in a way that is damaging to their mental and physical health.
  • Why strength training feels so inaccessible to women and what we can do as fitness professionals to lower the barrier to entry.
  • How to change the narrative around a fear of being bulky and taking up space.
  • Strategies to get past chasing aesthetics and gold stars as a means of self-worth, so you can find an approach to nutrition and fitness that is nourishing and empowering instead of exhausting.
  • How to break out of the self-imposed expectations that are causing you to run yourself into the ground, so you can put energy back into the system.
  • How to understand the root of motivation in why you engage in certain health and fitness behaviors

Learn more + purchase Steph’s book and program Core4 here: https://www.stephgaudreau.com/store/

About Step Gaudreau:

Steph Gaudreau, NTP, is a nutritional therapy and strength training expert helping women around the world find a more nourishing approach to food and fitness. In her best-selling book, The Core 4, she details a four pillar approach to building health, embracing your body, and owning your power. Steph is trained in biology and human physiology and is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach. She’s an international speaker that has been featured in Outside, MindBodyGreen, SELF, and ESPN Radio.

Connect with Steph at https://www.stephgaudreau.com/.

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