Should you worry about the IG algorithm?

Is it just me or does Instagram feel progressively more broken as the weeks go by?

Don’t get me wrong, prior to the “C” word that shall not be named hitting the scene, I had noticed that my posts weren’t reaching my people, but mid March through now my engagement has tanked.

Which has left many of us asking ourselves…What’s working? How do I hack this? Should I even bother with Instagram anymore?

I already owned up to you that I’m not a social media savant, but before you hit the fabulous unsubscribe button, you should know I am still successfully selling classes, workshops, webinars, and privates through Instagram. I just don’t have SUPER AMAZING GET FAMOUS AND RICH QUICK tips for you.

Because that’s not how this works. Unless, you’re some sort of enigmatic unicorn that ain’t gonna happen. In fact, I find most people are like me. Normal teachers just trying to share their shit to help people + pay their bills.

So let’s talk about what you might and might not want to do re Instagram.

First, stop wasting your time searching for a secret formula that doesn’t exist and just focus on being consistent instead.

You know how you have to show up consistently to see any results in a fitness program or movement practice? The same rules apply to social media.

Post at least 3 times a week (No you don’t have to do more). Before you post, ask yourself who is my client and what would they find helpful? Then create content to answer their questions and help them.

Pick a room to film in so your videos always look the same. Maybe pick a couple colors to use in your image cards. You don’t have to ride or die by this. It’s just our brains trust consistency, so be consistent.

Second, add ONE call to action at the bottom of each post.

Fun fact. If you don’t tell people what to do with your content, then they won’t do anything. Also, re that IG isn’t showing your posts to everyone, it means that you don’t know who is going to see what you post. It’s a shot in the dark and random AF. Finally, sometimes people need to be reminded of how to work with you multiple times before they are actually ready to take the leap. They could stalk your shit for months before reaching out.

All of these reasons why are why you want to add a call to action at the bottom of each post to invite people to work with you on a deeper level.

Some examples:

  • Want more? I deep dive on topics like this in my monthly newsletter. Click the link in my bio to sign up.
  • Want help with INSERT WHATEVER YOUR POST WAS ABOUT? I can create a customized program for you via private sessions. DM me to schedule a consult.
  • Want more ways to INSERT WHATEVER YOUR POST WAS ABOUT? We’ll be focusing on this in tomorrow’s class/workshop. Click the link in my bio to sign up.

Notice how even if you offer all of these things, that they were individual call to actions. Decision fatigue is really. ESPECIALLY right now. Give your people one thing to do and don’t feel weird about inviting them to do the same damn thing in multiple posts. Remember, they might not have seen the last 5 times you posted about it.

Third, have fun.

Seriously, stop trying to make it all so curated and perfect. No one cares. That shit is exhausting and perfect is boring.

Do you need to take six shots of tequila, down a bottle of quaaludes, and cry your eyes out on an IG live about your latest break up and why you’re missing your botox during social distancing to be culturally relevant and interesting?

Obviously not, but I think these days most people crave real and more importantly the people who will be drawn to you and want to work with you will choose to work with you BECAUSE of who you are.

At the end of the day, I think this is how to master social media and marketing. Show up as yourself. Share your information the way that you would teach it in real life. Have fun and quit trying so damn hard.

I know its easier said than done, but it’s also what makes each of us special and powerful in our own right and let’s be real, it’s a whole lot better than killing ourselves trying to look and play the part of a person who doesn’t actually exist and is sort of full of shit.

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