Tasha Edwards | Owning your power

In this episode, Nikki chats with Pilates teacher, fitness trainer, and wellness coach Tasha Edwards, M.S. about what it means to be empowered in fitness and life and the issues with the lack of diversity and representation in the Pilates industry.

They discuss:

  • How to find grace for yourself when you are injured or your body isn’t where you want it to be
  • The difference between acceptance and complacency
  • The power of showing up as you are instead of projecting an image of who you think you should be
  • The recent resignation of the four Black board members from the Pilates Method Alliance and where we might want to go as an industry

To connect with Tasha, visit her website hiphealthychick.com or follow her on Instagram at @hiphealthychick.

Links Mentioned: Misty Lynne Cauthen’s IG Live on the PMA

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