This year’s not over yet

I’ve noticed a theme in my interactions this week. It came up at the grocery store, on Facebook and even when I went in for a massage.

“Eff 2016. I’m so ready for this year to be over.”

I can empathize.

The world lost some brilliant actors and musicians (rip Prince, David Bowie, and Leonard Cohen). We had Brexit and the US election, which I’m not going to go there, but talk about stress.

Then there were the personal and professional hiccups. I can only speak for myself, but I went into 2016 with a big list of things I wanted to accomplish. And while I hit some milestones, there were some things I tried that didn’t work, which left me frustrated and gnashing my teeth…and I’m still trying to figure some of those things out.

However, I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I’m not going to put off all the things I wish I’d done until the New Year, while slapping a “resolution” label on it, because this year’s not over yet.

When things don’t go as planned you have two choices.

You can give up.

Or regroup and move forward.

Sometimes it really is time to quit, but more often? That setback is just a natural part of the journey or a signal that you rushed a few crucial steps along the way (As an admittedly impatient human, I’ll own that I’ve done this. A lot).

It’s not a sign from the universe that you’re doomed to fail.

Maybe you had a goal for your health or fitness this year and you didn’t reach it. Maybe you lost momentum, got derailed by a life event or turned your attention to other things…or maybe you crossed the finish line, but not the way you wanted to.

(Here’s a tough love moment).

It’s time to forgive yourself. Shit happens. You can still get there.

So where do you go from here?

First, what did you accomplish this year? Note it and celebrate it, because it matters and while many of us have tried, no one has ever successfully self-loathed their way into happiness.

Second, what’s one realistic step you can take now to get yourself closer to what you want? Pick something that will make you feel good, not miserable.

If you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed maybe it’s scheduling a massage, so you can have an hour to relax and clear your mind (I did this the day before my wedding when I caught myself acting like a spazzed out head case and it made me a waaaa-aaaay calmer bride). 

Maybe it’s looking at your calendar and carving out space for movement breaks and workouts.

It could be making a list of what’s working for you right now and what isn’t and then adjusting things one variable at a time to see what changes the outcome.

Or it could be researching trainers or coaches to see if there’s someone who can help you problem solve or stay accountable and then making an initial appointment with them…for January, once all the holiday chaos has subsided.

Life doesn’t move in a straight line. It’s more like an infinity sign. Things go up…and then down…and then up again.

So if you’re on the upswing, enjoy it and don’t fear it coming to an end. It’ll be back.

And if you’re in the downswing. It’s going to get better, because it always does.

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