Is your workout wrecking your hips?

Let me start that you’ll never hear me tell anyone to stop doing their favorite workout, because dude that time for yourself is sacred.

However, if your workout leaves you unable to get out of a chair or whining about hoowwwwwww bad your hips hurt, sh*t’s gone sideways.

After all, it’s fitness. Not a Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy (unless that’s what you’re into?)

So, what’s going on?

The reality is most of us (myself included) envision ourselves to be more fit than we actually are. 

We see ourselves as strong, capable people. We want to do impressive things. We want fast results. Yesterday, because who has time for any of this?

The problem is, your body doesn’t care. It just wants you to survive.

Real talk.

If you sit at a desk most of the day, your body probably isn’t ready to deadlift 2x your bodyweight, run with a tire over your head or cycle your sou…errrr heart…out at a moment’s notice.

It’s been trained to sit in a chair, so when you ask it to do incredible feats of sweaty awesomeness with little to no preparation, it says “Ow. No. Staaaaaaaap!”

Or to translate this into #science, we have two “types” of muscles groups. Mirror muscles (aka big mover muscles) and stabilizers (aka small postural muscles).

While we should train both, we spend most of our time working just one group (the big mover muscles) and we often end up paying for it with pain and injury.

Why? Keep reading 😉

The big mover muscles are the large muscles that move us through space when we run, cycle, squat and jump. They’re called “mirror muscles,” because they’re the ones you can see.

Is Your Workout Wrecking Your Hips? #workout #hips #hipwreck #naablevy

The mirror muscles are the extroverts, the popular kids, the life of the party (I wasn’t that kid. Can you tell?) We like training them, because when we use them, we feel like we’ve worked hard and they make our butt look good in jeans. #bootygoals #vanity #sorrynotsorry

Stabilizers are the introverts, or the whisper muscles. They’re deeper than the mirror muscles, so they’re not interesting to look at (aka they won’t make you look ripped).

However, when it comes to having good posture, a pain-free body, and being able to walk up the stairs when you’re 80, they matter, because they hold your joints in alignment and prevent you from compressing the heck out of your low back, hips, knees…ect…

However, training your stabilizers is not that exciting. They respond to low load, high reps and gentle movement, so most of us skip these exercises. I mean…they won’t make you sweat…so why bother?

The problem is that if we ignore the stabilizers for too long, they peace out, comprising your alignment and forcing the mirror muscles to work overtime.

Enter pain/tension/soreness/stifness/b*tching as you limp to your car after your crush it in the gym.

In short, you can’t afford to ignore the stabilizers, because you need them for everything you do, be it sitting at your desk, playing with your kids or getting that squat PR.

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